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Q) It’s my dog's first time boarding at a kennel, what can I expect and what can I do to make it easier on him or her?

A) Checking him/her in as early as possible, versus the end of the day, will allow us adequate time to get to know each other and get them settled in for the remainder of their stay. It is ALWAYS best to bring your pet's usual diet for us to feed to avoid any additional stomach upset.

Q) My dog takes medication can you administer it to them?

A) We will gladly administer medications at no extra charge. Please bring them in clearly labeled containers with the dosing instructions.

SPECIAL OR EXCESSIVE NEEDS PETS such as diabetics, severe epileptics, or pets that are unable to walk, are better suited to board at an animal hospital under a vet’s supervision.

Q) What if you suspect my dog isn’t feeling well while they are in your care?

A) We have full support during business hours with an animal hospital very close to our facility. We also have a 24 hour animal emergency clinic within 5 miles for after hour care.

Q) Do you require advanced reservations or can we just drop off dog off for boarding at any time?

A) Yes! We have a limited number of kennels. We will need a reservation to ensure there is a space for your pet for the number of days you’ve requested.

Q) How old does my dog need to be to board at a kennel?

A) All dogs must be at least 4 months of age to board. 4 months is the minimum age that the rabies vaccine can be administered which is required by law for boarding facilities. Check with your local vet for information on boarding your puppy.

Q) Does your facility have heat and air conditioning?

A) Yes! All housing and sleeping areas are heated/air conditioned. We also have heated flooring for those extra cold nights!

Q) Can I see where my dog will be staying?

A) Sure! The doors to each wing of the boarding facility is equipped with a viewing window for you to view the kennel area. We prefer not to let “strangers” walk up and down the kennel area in order not to upset the dogs that are currently being kenneled. We spend a lot of time helping dogs become familiar with the staff and our daily routines. Have you ever walked up and down the isles of an animal shelter? Most dogs are a nervous, shaking and unsure of who all these “strangers” are and what is going to happen next. We don’t want your dog, or anyone else’s to feel this way during their stay at Bark Central! (PLEASE! NO FACILITY TOURS OVER HOLIDAY WEEKENDS)

Q) Why can’t I make a grooming appointment online?

A) Everyone has different expectations or certain ideas of how they want their dog cut and/or groomed. Proper communication is essential in a relationship between you, the groomer and the animal she is grooming. Checking a box for yes or no for grooming tells the groomer absolutely nothing about what you are wanting her to accomplish for your pet. Please call for grooming appointments, questions and pricing. Our groomer is normally here Tuesday-Saturdays for your convenience.

Q) Why do I get your answering machine sometimes during business hours?

A) Unfortunately, we do not have a receptionist or secretary. It’s an “all hands on deck” team environment here at Bark Central! There are many chores and activities that we attend to all through out the day and you may have called during one of these times. Please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible! If it is simply to make a boarding reservation, remember you can do this on the Bark Central website as well!

Bark Central Kennel and Pet Resort
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